Wind Turbines

For nearly a decade we have been providing the most cost effective clean and green solutions to the Australian manufacturing sector.

Now we're helping industrial, commercial & agricultural sites implement wind & hybrid energy systems.

Emissionless is pleased to announce its partnership with Green Energy Victoria Pty Ltd in introducing to Australia the amazing wind turbines produced by Anakata Wind Power Resources Ltd.

Anakata wind turbines are substantially more superior than all other wind turbines in this power catergory. Their turbines have been designed to be best in class and were developed by leading Formula 1 aerodynamics and materials Engineers to provide a way to generate electrical energy cheaply in a wide range of domestic, commercial or rural applications. The Anakata turbine uses patented accelerator technology to increase the speed of the wind as it hits the rotor and therefore increase the power output exponentially. This leading edge technology and world leading power generation capability gives a faster Return on Investment by reducing the cost per kilowatt hour by 25% when compared to previous class leading turbines. More importantly, these turbines are far more quiet.

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To find out how we can reduce your energy cost and make your business more self sufficient give us a call today on (03) 9017 5577.

You can also find information at the Anakata Website

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