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The correct sizing of a fabric filter is critical in ensuring profitable plant operation. There are many aspects to consider. These include, but not limited to;

The product (dust or fume) being filtered and its characteristics
  • Particle size, particularly particle size range & distribution (amount of particles at different sizes)
  • Particle shape; spherical, irregular, jagged, fibrous, flaking
  • Chemical composition,
  • Chemical stability and chemical reactivity (temperature, hydroscopic, deliquescence)
  • Electrical properties; static, resistivity, conductance
  • Density
  • Hardness
  • Abrasiveness
  • Mass flow rate
  • Concentration in the air/gas stream
    Gas/Air stream composition
  • Water vapour (moisture) content
  • Easily condensing vapours
  • Acid gases
  • Stream temperature
    Atmospheric effects
  • Ambient temperature
  • Radiant heating or cooling
  • Humidity
  • Filter Design
  • Media type
  • Cleaning system; shaker, shake/deflate, low pressure reverse air, intermediate pressure & flow, pulse-jet, on-line, off-line, semi off-line, none
  • Filtration velocity
  • Re-entrainment velocity
  • Can velocity
  • Forward velocity
  • Media permeability
  • Combined media and dust cake permeability
  • Depth filtration vs surface filtration
  • Rate of DP rise
  • Inlet configuration

    The Emissionless Solution

    1. Equipment Design: The Emissionless designs are proven over 20 years. Our philosophy is to provide a tailor made industrial air pollution control solution designed to meet your specific requirements and to suit your particular application. Unlike some of our competitors we do not provide an “off the shelf” product into which they shoe-horn problems.

    2. Reverse Pulse Jet: Our reverse pulse-jet cleaning system is one of the best on the market, employing the latest technology in reverse pulse diaphragm valves, high efficiency (low energy) jet nozzles fitted directly onto the pulse pipes. Fully programmable, integrated cleaning controllers, allowing operator flexibility in setting the operating parameters of the baghouse to best suit the process and fine tune the baghouse for optimum cleaning efficiency.

    3. Filtering Media: Emissionless uses only the highest quality filtering media sourced from quality needle felt manufacturers in Europe. We do not use the inferior Korean fabrics like some of our competitors.

    4. Sealing of Cell Plate: The sealing of the filter bag to the Cell Plate (dividing the clean and dirty air plenums) is crucial in maintaining the highest possible collection efficiency. The spring steel loaded “Snap-Tex” cuffed filter bags are the best there are, providing 100% sealing and reducing installation time dramatically. Typically, a bag filter of this size can be re-bagged in no more than 4 hours, meaning a full re-bag for such a filter can be achieved in one (1) day instead of 3-4 days as with some other baghouses. This represents a significant increase in plant availability.

    5. Filtering Area: The fabric filter area in critical in maintaining the highest collection efficiency, lower pressure drops and longest filter bag life. If the amount of filtering area is insufficient, frequent filter bag blockages will occur, dust emissions will be higher and filter bag life will be greatly reduced. Our in-house computer calculations take all aspects of the process into consideration and determine the optimal filter size for the application, with carefully built-in allowances.

    6. Air to Cloth Ratio: This ratio represents the average velocity of the gas stream passing through the filter media (m/min). To achieve a minimum 2 year bag life, we recommend an air to cloth ratio of less than 1 m/min.

    7. Can Velocity: Can velocity is the upward lift velocity between the base of the filter bags. A high Can velocity will result in heavy abrasion of the filtering media and a high level of dust re-entrainment during cleaning. Emissionless baghouses are designed to ensure low can velocity during operation.

    8. Quality Fabrication: All of Emissionless baghouses are fully fabricated from high quality steel sheet and CNC laser cut components. All flange joins are machine folded, ensuring precise manufacturing and assembly. Only section joins are bolted together, with all other joins fully seal welded. We ensure that only qualified and experienced tradesmen are used. All equipment is Australia made.

    9. Guaranteed Results: We guarantee that our filter collection efficiencies at 99.98% down to 0.5 microns and that our emission levels will not exceed 10 mg/m3.

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    More Info

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