Floating Solar Solutions

Large expanses of water, such as lakes, dams, farm dams and ponds are ideal spots for locating solar panels. These locations bask in sunshine as they are unimpeded by natural or man-made shading structures.

In many cases covering these water bodies aids in reducing water loss due to evaporation and frees up usable land area.

The cooler conditions that exist just above the water surface aids in keeping the PV panels cooler and hence facilitating a slight increase in power output.

Each installation is made up by joining together pontoons. Each pontoon houses ten PV panels.

The panels are typically 250 W, 280 W or 300 W.

The panels are mounted on either fixed angle or adjustable angle frames.

We offer options of either manually adjustment of the angle or automated "sun tracking" adjustment.

We also offer automatic sun azimuth tracking.

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      Peak power Rating  3.0 kW
      Overall length  12.3m
      Overall width  1.75m - 2.2m
      Water coverage area  20m2
      Shipping weight  1.6t
      Additional live load capacity  200 kg
      Steel surface treatment  Hot Dipped Galvanized
      Junction box  One off, Stainless Steel, IP65
      Junction box terminal rating  20 A, 600 Vdc

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  • Dual axis sun tracking, which can assist in increasing the installation's efficiency by up to 40%.
  • Automatic panel lowering to the horizontal position at night and during periods of high winds.
  • Panel raising to the vertical position for pontoon access and panel cleaning, with just the push of a button.
  • High visability reflectors and beacon lights which automatically come on when the light level is low.
  • Remote monitoring & control systems.

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  • Pontoons supply only.
  • Pontoons & panels supply only.
  • Pontoons, panels & inverter supply only.
  • Total turnkey package: design, supply, installation & commissioning.
  • Use of your preferred brand of PV panels and inverters.
  • Custom designed systems to fit your requirements & budget.

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  • 3D of Single Module Floating Solar System [3.9mb PDF Zipped]
  • 3D of 20 Module Floating Solar System [16mb PDF Zipped]

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  • Videos

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