Energy Recovery Solutions

EMISSIONLESS evaluates applications for it potential to firstly reduce its energy consumption and secondly its potential to allow energy to be recovered from it. In many cases energy can be saved by simply gaining a better understanding of the psycrometrics influencing the application and making minor process adjustments. More often that not process components, particularly fans, are oversized due to rules of thumb, best guess or copy & paste design practices. Energy consumption reduction and energy recovery practices reduces plant operating cost and reduces the organisation's carbon footprint, but most organisations are not suitably resourced to appropriately ascertain how cost reductions can be implimented.

To assist organisations achieve reduced energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint, EMISSIONLESS uses a systematic analytical process that;

  • Captures the actual process conditions
  • Determined the conditions and parameters the influence the process
  • Determines the variability factors
  • Clearly lays out what's going on
  • Allows "what if" scenario modeling of the process
  • Shows the impact of changing various process parameters
  • Shows how much energy is being used
  • Shows how efficiently the energy is being used
  • Shows how energy consumption can be reduced
  • Shows where energy can be harvested (recovered) from, and how that energy can be reused

    To this end EMISSIONLESS provides energy recovery systems using a range of gas to gas, liquid to liquid and gas to liquid heat exchangers. All these energy recouperation systems are custom engineered to meet the specific performance and quality requirement of each application.

    Energy recovery heat exchanger on a waste oil fired kiln