Total Scope Design & Engineering

EMISSIONLESS designs cost effective and energy efficient solutions for a broad range of industrial and commercial applications.

We solve process problems and or enhances process performance through detailed investigation and analysis.

We use a diverse range of analytical tools and procedures.

We take a holistic approach and believe that the most important part of the problem solving process is getting the details correct from the very start. More often than not, process problems exists because of a lack of sufficient process details and or a lack of understaning as to how process really works and what influences its performance. For this reason we take on the responsibilty and headache of gathering the necessary process imformation. From that point on we'll take care of the thermal, chemical and physical analysis to the necessary degree to ensure the most appropriate solutions can be engineered.

Engineering capabilities:

  • Problem scoping
  • Process computational modeling
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis
  • Modeling & CFD output validation
  • 1D and transient modeling
  • Combustion efficiency analysis
  • Mass flow & energy balance
  • Products of combustion (chemical species) development determination
  • Thermal, chemical & physical process analysis
  • Process data collection
  • High speed data acquisition (local & remote)
  • Site specific weather data collection
  • Psychrometric analysis
  • Climate impact on process
  • Mechanical design
  • Process design
  • Product design
  • Design for lowest cost manufacture
  • Digital prototyping
  • Prototype construction, testing & validation
  • Detailed drawing - 2D & 3D
  • Process functional description
  • Proof of Concept - Pilot - Commercial
  • Product & process life cycle analysis and optimisation
  • HAZOP & risk analysis & mitigation

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