Through our consulting services we help companies achieve their objectives at a lower cost.

In many cases we investigate, develop a solution, report and deliver a complete blueprint that can be implimentented with internal resources with only minimal external assistance. This approach ensures high stakeholder buy-in and a reduced overall cost.

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We provides consulting services in the following areas;

  • Climate change - Improving profits in a carbon constrained economy
  • Energy usage optimization
  • Energy efficiency
  • Identifying where energy is being lost & waste energy recovery
  • Process and or product redesign/reformulation for best profit & environment protection performance
  • Sustainable design, construction & process development
  • Waste reduction and or elimination
  • Waste recovery & reuse
  • Resource usage optimization
  • Low emission power generation
  • Co/Tri generation
  • Carbon capture & carbon conversion
  • Pollution abatement & energy technology assessment
  • Technology, process & product feasibility studies
  • Business case analysis
  • Project funding
  • Access government grants - Cleaner production, innovation

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