Here are some of the things our clients have said about us.

As a technology development company, ECT relies on innovation and expertise to advance cutting-edge solutions from concept through to commercialisation. Rod/Emissionless has been instrumental in delivering highly specialised, high-risk project elements on time and within budget. Emissionless'/Rod's ability to lead and drive robust, pragmatic outcomes in concert with our own engineering team and other external consultants has contributed significantly to our efforts.

- Adam Giles, Operations Manager, ECT Ltd


Micronisers has commissioned Emmissionless to design, fabricate and manage two separate construction projects - controlled air GMP clean rooms and filtration/ packing facility. In each instance, Emissionless were efficient, professional and understood the requirements. I would definitely use Emmissionless on future projects.

- Brett King, General Manager, Micronisers Pty Ltd


Engineering is not helpful when superficially involved. We appreciate the deeply involved assistive thought and experience that Rod and Emissionless bring to our projects.

- Alf Baker, Group CEO EMC Pacific, WA Kaolin & Pacific Polymers R&D.


Rod has worked with and for us for over a decade. We have used and relied upon Rod’s expert knowledge of emission control and associated process technologies on many occasions, always imparted and shared enthusiastically and with great energy!

- Greg Aimer, Engineering Manager PM Design Group


Over the past several years we have been exceptionally pleased with Rod and his team at Emissionless in providing us with innovative engineering solutions to many of our challenging issues surrounding the development of our new mineral calcining technologies. The sustained robust advice on technology and its implementation has been well received and appreciated

- Julian Dinsdale, Managing Director Calix Ltd