Industrial Air Pollution Control

EMISSIONLESS custom designs and builds a range of air pollution control and prevention devices to suit individual client and application needs.

We tailor make and supply complete systems on a turn-key basis. Alternatively, if required we can supply components only. We are the masters of modularly designed systems and experts in providing equipment in a flat-pack or knocked-down form to facilitate reduced shipping costs.

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Our range covers the following areas:

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Gas filtration - using fabric or ceramic filter baghouses

Gas filtration - using cartridge or HEPA filter

Gas filtration - using activated carbon

Gas filtration - combination of filtering media

Flue gas desulphurisation - using wet scrubbers or SDA (semi-dry) scrubbers

High particulate matter reduction - using cyclones and multiclones

Process gas scrubbing for harmful gas neutralization

High temperature gas filtration - boilers, kilns, furnaces, fluidized beds

Gas turbine inlet filters

Municipal & biomedical waste incinerator flue gas cleaning & power generation

Product waste reduction & prevention

Minerals recovery